Latest Update on Shaktimaan Movie By Ranveer Singh

Shaktimaan: This TV show that refreshes 90s childhood memories, you may remember the name is Shaktimaan, the main cast of this TV show is Mukesh Khanna who played the roles of Shaktimaan and Gangadhar together and also had a famous dialogue, Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan He, this TV show was shown on DD National and this show was shown from 13 September 1997 to 27 March 2005, at that time it was a very popular show and was also the most favorite show of childrens. was doing. The director of the show is Dinkar Jani, and the role of main Villian Tamraj Kilvish is played by Surendra Pal. and Geeta Vishwas is the Vaishnavi Mahant. In 2005, Shaktimaan was banned from DD national and after that Shaktimaan was shown in 5 seasons on Amazon Prime.

Shaktimaan Movie Update in 2023

Ranveer Singh Shaktimaan movie

After waiting for 17 years, Sony pictures and Bheeshm International had discussed about releasing Shaktimaan movie on 5 June 2023 and Ranveer Singh was selected for the role of Shaktimaan Movie. But currently there is a lot of delay in the shooting Because of Ranveer Singh is Busy in Don 3 movie and the shooting date of Shaktimaan movie has been kept in May 2025.

Ranveer Singh’s Shaktimaan Movie Release Date :

As we told that the shooting date for Shaktimaan movie has been kept in May 2025 and it is expected that the release date of Shaktimaan movie will be in 2026. And this movie will be directed by Basil Joseph. the film will be produced by Sony Pictures India and Sajid Nadiadwala.

Ranveer Singh’s Shaktimaan Movie Trailer :

Now we are talking about when will the trailer of Shaktimaan movie be released, so we would like to tell you that as there is a lot of time in the shooting of the movie, hence it is difficult to say when the trailer will be launched, for now only Ranveer Singh As an Shaktimaan. He was seen looking in the poster.

Shaktimaan Movie Trailer


Movie nameShaktimaan
Directed byN/A
Screenplay byN/A
Written byN/A
Produced byMukesh Khanna
StarringRanveer Singh, Mukesh Khanna, Prashant Singh, and Vrushin Patel
Edited byN/A
Music byAashish Rego
Production CompanyBheeshm International, Sony Pictures Films India, The Brewing Thoughts
Distributed byN/A
Release date5 June 2023
Budget₹200 – 300 Crore